Monday, May 17, 2010

Learning Little Lessons

Photo by Forest and Kim Starr

There are so many lessons to be learned. Sometimes teachers appear when you least expect them. I had the incredible luck to watch a dramatic scene at a stoplight today. As the wind carried a big, black crow in nearly a straight path, two small birds zigged, zagged, and harassed the predator, zipping up from behind, crashing into the beefy black wings, plucking at its tail, nipping at its head. The crow hunched his shoulders, and flapped them off, staring straight ahead while thrashing his way to safety. After a tenth of a mile, one of the small birds broke off the pursuit and beat frantically back the way she came, while the other continued his desperate dog fight.

Another tenth of a mile and the crow pulled out in the lead, his feathers ruffled and air whipping over them, his head still tucked in a defensive position. He slowed when he realized his enemy dropped back. But the small bird had been watching for that and heaved forward for another onslaught. The black jounced ahead, his wings cutting the air, buoyed by sleek aerodynamics while the small one pulled back and watched for a several fleeting seconds.
When he was satisfied the crow was in full retreat, the small bird turned and raced at full speed back the way he came with an economy of motion and an abundance of grit.

Even when a task seems too daunting, if you just keep at it you can accomplish anything.


  1. Beautifully worded. You should write :)

  2. This was beautiful. Reminded me of Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

  3. Wendy and Piedmont

    If those tiny birds could drive off that big, ol' crow, it renews my determination to continue the query process for my book. I needed that "sign". Hahahaha.

    Plus I got wonderful support from Wendy last night. Thanks.

  4. Hey, Melanie, it's a SIGN!!!! haha!!

    This is a fabulous story, one I needed to hear myself right now :) If you need any help or encouragement, you know where I am. You get cracking with that query, girl.

  5. Emailman,

    Thanks so much for your support. I'm lucky to have such supportive efriends. :)

  6. Aye, object lesson from the natural world. :)


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