Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And the winner is...

Winslow Eliot

Sometimes social media astounds me. One of the people to respond for my plea for help on the Help-Melanie-Write-A-One-Line-Pitch-Twitter-Style was the famous and esteemed Winslow Eliot. She not only left comments on my blog, but sent additional ideas on direct message via twitter. Is that sweet, or what?

She is the author of Heaven Falls, a romantic novel edged with Gothic DuMaurier-esque suspense. You can download it for only 99 cents on Amazon.

In addition her book, The Bright Face of Danger, has been published in four separate French editions. (The only way I'd be able to read the French edition is if it were a picture book.) Check out her blog for a list of books she has published.

One of the items you'll discover on her website is a blog called "WriteSpa, an Oasis for Writers". She has a lot of interesting information to help writers be the best (and healthiest) we can be, using a variety of techniques including yoga. This blog is filled with great things. I'll quote something from her WriteSpa #39 that I found interesting. She'd love for you to come check it out.
"Interestingly, neuroscientists describe our brain as having two separate ‘networks’: an administrative network, which we use when we’re busy accomplishing a task, and a default network, which is the one that we automatically revert to when we’re at rest or not concentrating on something. In other words, the default network ‘switches off’ when we need to focus. And when one network is ‘lit up,’ the other is not.

However, when we daydream, both networks are lit up at the same time."

I can just imagine it now. "But officer, I am lit up because I'm daydreaming. Honest."
You can follow her on twitter at @winsloweliot
Thanks, Winslow, for all your help. You win my contest. If I am published, you will receive an autographed copy. It will be SUCH a treasure.


  1. Okay, it showed up. What was Winslow's winning idea?

  2. Honest, I didn't realize this was a contest! I thought I was just helping you out... and that you were getting a bit seasick from all that pitching. What a delightful page to wake up to this morning. And it WILL be a treasure to receive an autographed copy of your book!

  3. Dale,

    I see you now. Winslow had ideas and critique. She didn't really give me the pitch line I used, although I tried to incorporate the things she thought was important. With only 140 characters (including spaces) it wasn't easy.


    Well, the contest was lame. I mean, who would have entered on the off-chance they might eventually receive a book? You were just being the sweet, helpful person you are. Which makes you a winner in my book (no pun intended).

  4. Hey, just found your blog, and I heart it :)

  5. Angela,

    Thanks a bunch, and welcome. I love it when people heart the blog. I keep looking at the koala avatar and wanting to hug it. Yes, I know it is not a bear and has claws, but still...

  6. um....i get an autographed copy just because you love me, right?

    pretty please?

  7. Geeez, Single, how do you feel about a free bookmark?

  8. Ooo, congratulations! I've missed your last few posts, how'd I do that??


  9. Olivia,

    Sometimes life happens...Thanks for stopping by. I always love seeing your name in my comments section.

  10. Oh, I will absolutely PAY for the book...I just want it autographed. Free bookmark must now be included though, seeing as how you offered, and all...

  11. Single,

    Someone who has promised to buy my book besides my mother? I am SO going to have to meet you. Do they do book signings up there in the vast, cool north?

  12. Well, it's kinda difficult...what with the frozen ink in the igloos and such, but if you're willing to jump on a dog sled all the way up here, I'm sure we could arrange something :)

  13. Yeah, that is exactly what I thought. Maybe I'll bring some coal and scratch it over the frozen paper. And if it means I could ride a dog sled, I'd for sure come during the winter.


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