Saturday, September 4, 2010

Caffeinated Revisions

I'm at Starbucks, working on further revisions, and just went up to get my free refill with my registered shareholder's card. One of the employees said, "This is my favorite card. All the employees are standing outside in their little aprons, looking so happy."

"Yeah, like that would happen," another said.

Another employee snatched the card and they all gathered around to see it. "Yup, they really look happy."

"Well, of course, they are Starbucks employees," I said. "What is not to be happy about that?"

The first young man smiled. "Sure, we could look just like that," he boasted.

It is lucky I usually have my camera with me.
Yup. They look pretty happy. Now, may I have my coffee?


  1. Did you ever get your coffee? Or are still standing there smiling?

  2. Yes. But now I'm ready for another cup and I don't dare go up there without my camera.

    I'll have to come back here, though. They sure look happy.

  3. Tina,

    Sometimes life just presents awesome photo opportunities. I'm thinking this should really win some sort of prize. (Could be the caffeine thinking that.)

  4. Hi Melanie, thanks for leaving a message on my blog.

    Thankfully, I live in the North Island - the earthquake struck in the South.

    I know three people who have lost their homes. Dark days ahead for them.

    Thank you for thinking of me. Hope life is treating you well.

    Feel free to drop me an email anytime.

  5. *grin* I love the cheesy girl at the back! Always fun when people play along :)

  6. Wendy,

    I'm glad you weren't caught in the earthquake in New Zealand. I'm sorry for all who lost their homes. Hopefully none were hurt. Thanks for stopping by my blog to reassure me you are okay. :) I miss your comments.

  7. Nicole,

    I actually had to wait a few minutes to take the picture because some other customers came in and the employees had to rush to serve them. They came and got me when they had another lull. Cute, huh?

    You're in New Zealand, right? Hope you got through the earthquake okay.

  8. Thanks for the photo! I heart my Hawaii Starbucks card.

  9. A Starbucks gift card I got in Hawaii. *pets card*

  10. This gives me ideas . . . I think I'm going to start a series, "Starbuck's Employees Who Have Served ME!" It would go nicely with my "Celebrities Who've Met ME!" posts, starring Luke Ryan. Never heard of him? Great.

    Okay, how about Harrison Ford?

  11. Carol,

    No kidding? You've met Luke Ryan? Fabulous.

  12. Melanie, I hope you're taking time out from buying, drinking, and documenting coffee, to do some revising. I'm expecting to see Chapter 1 again tomorrow. (insert evil laugh here)

  13. The Starbucks guy asked me what I was doing this weekend. I said I was having lunch with the Governor, then going on to a private event with Perry Taylor (Taylor Perry?) where the vintners were giving us all 16 cases of complimentary wine. I asked him what he was doing and without missing a beat, he said, "Oh, you know, same as always... photo sessions, press conferences." I told him to have fun and to tell Annie Liebowitz that I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to her.

    But I still prefer Peet's.

  14. Nina,

    Yeah, I heard you were staying at home this weekend.

  15. hahahaha!! That is proper funny! :D

  16. Kurt,

    I read the "proper funny" with a British accent. It made grin.

  17. I nearly choked on my wine at this.

    Sorry, that should have read: Coffee.

    Very good!

  18. Hmmm... Did you read ^^that one^^ with a British accent...?!

  19. Kit,

    Well, yes I did. It is delightful to have you comment on my blog. I love that accent. :)

  20. That picture was great. No models needed.

  21. Dr. Goose,

    Those kids should be on the next Starbucks Card.


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