Saturday, October 9, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

It is raining here in the Northwest. Hard to believe, I know. In order to make it through the long, grey winters, we look forward to celebrating whatever happens to come our way. That is why, at work, concern surfaced on Friday. Angela's voice drifted over the cubical jungle. "Melanie, don't say anything, but look at October 16th."

I glanced at my calendar, flipped it to the right month and noted the "National Boss's Day" printed at the bottom of the 16th's square. "Saturday? It's on a Saturday?" I asked the world in general, since Angela sits four cubicles away.

"I know." Angela's voice took on a devious tone. "It is odd it would be on a Saturday. It is almost as if they don't want us to celebrate it."

She has a point. What do you think?


  1. Very suspicious, indeed... If I were a "boss," I'd insist all my subordinates observed National Boss's Day on Friday AND Monday. :D

    I should move to the Northwest. I love the rain and down get to enjoy it near enough down here in drought-ridden Georgia!

    Happy National Boss's Day :P

  2. knowing bosses, they'll just take the credit for you getting the day off - in *honor* of them.

    us canadians celebrate everything's our thanksgiving this weekend...

  3. Nicole

    There is an empty apartment not far from where I work, if you think you might like to try out our rainy corner of the U.S., but I warn you, we don't have the excitement of hurricanes.

    Single Dating Mommy,

    I KNOW you are going to let your employees know that you are responsible for the Saturday Boss's Day in the U.S.

    And I'm very, very thankful we have gotten to know each other. I have a fondness for Canada since I've been reading your blog.

  4. My last boss had mental health problems. She tried to get me fired and, after an investigation, was actually the one let go. Two months later I decided to become self employed.

    National Boss's Day makes me a little dazed and confused so I will now go into my kitchen and drink to excess.

  5. Oh dear Lord, Dr. Goose. It is a week away, sir. Do you have a second glass and another chair?

  6. Thanks, Amos. I pride myself on rational thought.


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