Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goose Me

I love the Northwest. There are so many things to thrill the heart. This morning I drove to work in 20 degree (Fahrenheit) weather and saw a lone crane shivering in a frosty field. A red-tailed hawk perched atop a light standard, gazing down at a small wetland pond. A gaggle of Canada geese--maybe one hundred of them--honked their way west, turned, flew east, circled in bustling chaos until they settled in for a rest.

I had lunch with the geese a few days ago. They get nervous if I get out of the car, but they allow me to join them if I sit quietly with my window open and Mozart drifting into the frigid air.

I must find a way to include them in a book.


  1. I now have a higher opinion of the intellectual capacity of a goose now that I know geese appreciate Mozart. At the same time, I'm worried. If geese keep listening to Mozart, and this raises their intelligence (as Mozart's music is reputed to do)then will they be graduating from college and flooding the job market in ever-increasing numbers, contributing to our economic problems?

  2. Jewell,

    Oh wow, like I totally agree with the Mozart thing, for sure. I'm awesome now since I've been listening and, like, way smart. I'm sure the geese are getting real smart too. :)

    You are sweet to suggest I'm becoming more intelligent. HUGS.

  3. No! No! Melanie! I already KNOW you are intelligent, you silly goose! I was talking about those Canadians! Wait...this isn't coming out right....

  4. LOL. Keep trying. All of my Canadian followers are already brilliant, so we know you are talking about the geese. :)

  5. Thanks for letting me off the hook. Me go now.


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