Sunday, March 6, 2011

Microfiction Monday #73

It's Monday Microfiction time again. (Yeah, I know. It is Sunday. So? What's your point?)

Susan, over at Stony River, posts a picture each week and it is up to us to squeeze a story out of it; 140 characters or less. That includes spaces and punctuation. Think it is easy? If you're up for it, go to Stony River and sign up.

I've been reading the other entries for the past few weeks and there are some awesome writers in this crowd. Check them out by clicking on the sign-up list on Stony River blog.

Here is this week's picture and my story follows.

My dearest daughter,

I’ve kept this from you. The man in this photograph, Lord Kent Breckenridge, is your father. Go to him.

Forgive me.



  1. Ooh--a long-ago dalliance, covered up for decades. Will Lord Kent Breckenridge accept his illegitimate daughter or will he reject her and say he's not her father. Hmmm...I'm thinking she might have to push for a paternity test. I'm waiting for the book.

    Excellent, Melanie!

  2. Very nicely done! It makes me very curious...

  3. Pat,

    I wonder too. Wonder what the paternity tests consisted of back in those days.

    Thanks. Love yours too.

  4. drama and paternity!
    well done

  5. Thanks Dianne. It just isn't the same without Susan, though, is it?

  6. Now that's a story told in a few words! Excellently done, Melanie. (I'm missing Susan too, but glad that people are finding one another even without Mr. Linky.)

  7. Michael,

    Thanks. I never thought I'd enjoy writing such a short story. :)

  8. Love the picture. I want to muss up his hair and straighten his tie.

  9. Love it. Lots of fun. I've always enjoyed this micro-stories - although I'm afraid I'm too long-winded to attempt any of my own!

  10. Carolyn,

    Only you would come up with that. LOL

    K.M. Weiland

    It is VERY hard to come up with a microfiction story. I'm too long-winded, too. :)


    Thanks for your comment. It made me smile.


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