Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pacific Northwest Wildlife

I'm still in awe of what I saw on the way to work today.

Regular readers of this blog know I have a dubious relationship with animals, wildlife in particular, which is too bad, since I seem to have regular encounters with them. My commute to, or from work is littered with animals. There are cows and sheep, horses and pigs (although I can't see the pigs from the road). There are goats, chickens, dogs and cats. Nearly every day I must slam on my brakes for black-tailed deer, or a black bear, a bobcat or raccoons. Possums occasionally saunter across the road, and there used to be lots of tree frogs, hopping in the headlight beams.

I've recently heard the mountain lion population has grown considerably in the area, and they are opening hunting to include the big cats.

But never, in my wildest imagination, did I ever expect to see a zebra on my morning commute.


  1. So now we know: they're black with white stripes, not the other way around. :)

  2. CGHill,

    At least that is one mystery solved.

  3. What a cutie! Coolest horse in the pasture.

  4. Nina,

    You can tell he was feeling pretty stylish. Look at that suave expression.

  5. I think he's saying, "Hand over the sugar, baby."

  6. Carol,

    Maybe that is it. I drove up into the people's driveway--like I belonged there--and he came right over to the fence.


    I can't decide if he is a horse with a zebra costume, or a zebra with a horse costume.


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