Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Friday is not for the dogs

My cats were really happy to see me go back to work on Monday, after I'd had four days off with them. Apparently, I annoyed them. I wouldn't let them fight, or saunter across the counters, or snuggle on my black, velour jacket. The worst part of it, though, was while I was sleeping through the madness of the middle-of-the-night-Black-Friday-frenzy, one of them knocked over my purse and took my credit card. Later, just in time, I found him at my computer. He was on the Petsmart website, trying to buy cat treats. He already had 700 dollars worth of cat toys in the shopping cart.

Wilson Afonso from Sydney, Australia


  1. ...and that look on his face! He really thinks he's getting away with it, doesn't he?

  2. Message for your lovely and smart cat: Blogging can be used as a basis for slander. Call 1-800-SUE-4YOU. Guard your cell phone, Melly!

  3. Pam,

    He does get away with a lot. I can see why he'd be smug.


    I'm lucky because my cell phone is usually dead, at the bottom of my computer bag. My land-line is a worry though. I've often come home and found it on the floor. Hmmmm.


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