Monday, January 23, 2012

Isn't it pretty? Can we eat it?

The cats are curious, and hungry and they have no respect for nature.

A couple of years ago I had a sick 100 ft Douglas fir. I hired a guy to hack it down before it fell on my house, but asked him to leave 20 feet standing for wildlife. The guy left 40 feet. I guess I shouldn't complain, after all it is housing an entire ecosystem for even the tiniest wildlife. When the cats led me to the back window yesterday to point out our newest neighbor, I thought they were sweet. A beautiful Pileated Woodpecker was making his mark on the dead tree, and the three of us watched for a couple of minutes. But then I heard the cats doing the little clicking sound cats make when they want to pounce on their prey and eat it.

Good thing the window was closed.


  1. Wow, you et the coolest birds in your garden :) Our English birds seem drab and boring in comparison. I have a giant of a fir tree in my garden. I know there are loads of things living in it, but I only ever see pigeons haha!!

  2. Emailman,

    Ever since I noticed the tree was dying, I've been waiting and waiting for the woodpeckers to move in. Finally!


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