Sunday, July 22, 2012

What a book launch looks like

Book Launch

Authors Mike Nettleton and Carolyn J. Rose

Saturday, Mike Nettleton and Carolyn J. Rose (part of the Deadly Duo Mysteries team) launched two books; a co-written YA book, Drum Warrior, by both Carolyn and Mike, and Carolyn's mystery Through a Yellow Wood, which is the sequel to Hemlock Lake.  It was held at Cover to Cover Books and Espresso, on St. Johns, in Vancouver, from 4 to 6 PM, and it included wine.  Cake, wine, and coffee always seems to draw out the writer and reader community.  

Carolyn and Mike found a place that would put their book covers on the cakes, which looked so fabulous I almost didn't want to cut the first slice.  

I was in charge of the chocolate cake. 

Amanda, the bookstore owner's niece, was in charge of the carrot cake.  Snacks also were set out, and even a few healthy items such as carrots and cherry tomatoes.  Mel, the bookstore owner whipped up one latte' after another, with a mocha tossed in now and then. 
Carolyn's Books

Carol Doane, a Vancouver social media expert, whom celebrities always want to meet, greeted people at the door, and tweeted the event. 
Deadly Duo Books
Smedley the bookstore service animal oversaw the book sales.

Mike Nettleton giving a reading

During the afternoon, Mike did a couple of readings from Drum Warrior, alternating with Carolyn reading from Through a Yellow Wood.

Carolyn J. Rose autographing books.

Throughout the event, the cash register whirred as books were purchased and autographed by the authors.

Authors Mike Nettleton and Carolyn J. Rose
It was a successful event.  I have to say, sitting at the cake table during the event, Amanda and I drew almost as much attention as the authors.    What can I say.  It was hard work, but someone had to do it (the taste test).

I hope to have my own book launch someday.  This was fun.


  1. Melanie, when you have your own book launch, I'm buying your cakes and cutting them - as long as one is chocolate.
    You rock!

    1. I'll buy the cake and you buy some books. What do you think, Carolyn?

  2. Melly,

    I will be there for your first book launch and we will have HoHo's and Swiss Cake Rolls and Mini-Raviolis....

    that sounds gross...

    Love you, T.

    1. No, no, no, Max. No mini-raviolis. Please.

      (HoHos sound good though. I'd love a HoHo.)

  3. What a great idea for the cakes! Congrats on the launch, Mike and Carolyn!

    1. Rosanne,

      Hope you can come to the next one. Thanks for stopping by here.

  4. THAT'S what a book launch looks like!! It was lovely!

    1. Pam,

      Glad you came to the launch. Wait a minute. I seem to remember you had your own book launch recently, for The Byers Avenue Bunny Club. Hmmmm, you had carrot cake, chocolate bunnies and bunny eggs, as I remember.

  5. That book launch looks like so much more fun than any others I have seen. Intimate and welcoming and yummy.


  6. As We Speak,

    Thanks for stopping by. It was really fun. Wish you had stopped by. I was really fabulous at cutting the chocolate cake.



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