Friday, January 11, 2013

The Brigand Schooner


All six of the cat toy balls with the bells inside--that were rescued from behind the piano last weekend--are missing (see previous post).
The Brigand Schooner
While doing laundry this evening, I decided to incarcerate the brigand, Schooner, in kitty jail until he gives up the location of the loot. 

His brother, Hobiecat, is not willing to be an informer.
Potential Informer, Hobiecat


  1. Oh, it's not over...they are devising a 'payback' for you!


  2. Cute! Very Cute! I greatly enjoyed your tale. Like most cat stories, there's never really an ending, just one misadventure leading to another and always one cat in cahoots with another. The fun never quits! Cat McMahon,

  3. Maybe I need to send our dogs over there to interrogate the suspects.

  4. Cat,

    I'm going to have to look up your website. Thanks for following me on twitter.


    Don't you dare, although Hobie would welcome the dogs as he loves everyone and has no problem with dogs, Schooner is very picky about whom I admit into the house.


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