Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dead Tree Wildlife Habitat

A couple of years ago, during a wind storm, I began to worry about a 100 ft Douglas fir tree in my back yard.  Dead trees fall over during wind storms.  I called a tree-climber and told him I wanted to leave at least 20 feet of the tree for wildlife. and I wanted him to drop the rest of the tree so it fell into the forest, also for wildife.  He left about 40 feet standing.  I was sure would still come crashing down on my house, but he assured me it wouldn't reach my roof.  I think he was counting on it breaking at least three feet from the ground..

A Pileated woodpecker found it immediately, pecking away one winter morning.

Now a family of Northern Flickers has purchased one of the bird condos at the top of the tree.


  1. I do hope they are not in their condo when/if it falls. I can just see the headlines: "Pileated Wookpecker Lives To Tell All."

  2. We have a bird excavating a huge hole in the power pole behind our house. I called the power company and they came to take a look. Don't know what they did. The hole is still there but I haven't heard any more drilling. Now I'm feeling guilty.

  3. I've never seen a woodpecker before (not sure if we get them in the UK) but that video is really cool. Thank you for sharing it. :-)
    I hope you don't mind, but I've nominated you for a little award over at Short Story Ideas. I hope you'll have the time to accept it.
    Have a great week. :-)


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