Sunday, July 14, 2013

If Looks Could Kill

I went to Jantzen Beach Shopping Center in Portland, to check on the Osprey nest.
Osprey Nest at Jantzen Beach Shopping Center

 The nest was occupied, but right in front of me a small bird was very busy, taking a sponge bath.
I stood for the longest time, feeling a little like a voyeur, but fascinated with the amount of work a bird puts into having lovely, aerodynamic feathers.
But then he noticed me, and I'm pretty sure he called the bird police and reported me.  I rushed back to my car, vaulted inside, and sped away before the gull police could arrive and plaster my car with droppings.


  1. You're lucky. Birds around here do their, um, business before they hit the showers.

  2. Thanks Pam and Shalet Jimmy.
    Charles, I have found birds have a history of being crafty. They aren't the innocent victims they want you to think.

  3. Going to a 'shopping Center' in Portland to check on the Osprey nest - certainly caught my attention!

    Aren't birds fascinating little creatures? What wonderful photographs.

    Hope all is good with you, Melanie :)


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