Friday, November 15, 2013

A pictorial story of my life

Have you ever felt no matter what decision you make, no matter what path you choose to follow, you get nowhere?

Me too.  Especially in the past week or so (ever since I dumped the coffee into my most favorite of all time computer that my brother-in-law gave me).  I snapped this picture yesterday.  Never thought I could sum up my life in 1000 words, but here it is all in one picture.

My Life

Hopefully after using "Windows 8" more, I'll not be as frustrated, and I'll be able to post a happier picture.

(Maybe I should send a link to this blog to Microsoft as my editorial comment on Windows 8.)


  1. I shall quote the great Pam-Pam....Robert Frost

    1. The Road Not Taken? He never had to use Windows 8.

  2. Now we all know you can hang curtains, hang a Louie, and hang ten. You can also leave a thought hanging or play hang-man. Furthermore, you can hang up a phone, have a hangover or a hangnail. You my dear, just need to hang in there.

  3. Five words: AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS!...Five more words: AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS!


  4. I would have answered sooner, but the new computer kept kicking me out. Thanks for your positive wishes.


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