Monday, June 15, 2009


Interesting things happen in my life. Not the type of interesting things that would make a good book, but the type of things which cause people to look at me askance when told about them. That is why I'm posting it here, where there is no chance of anyone seeing it.

Today I got my mail at the post office. They have a great new recycling program. I saunter in and pry all the mail out of my box and haul it over to the counter. There I open it even if it looks like junk mail, just to make sure there is no check for a million dollars. If there isn't a check, I slide it into the locked recycling container and open the next. Today, out of the twelve pieces of mail, I recycled all but two. One was from my vet, offering me a discount on something. Discounts are good.

The other thing I kept was a card my parents sent me. They were returning a card I sent them for their anniversary a couple years ago. It really wasn't an anniversary card. I couldn't find an anniversary card that made me laugh, so I found a card that did, crossed off the "occasion" and wrote in my own. This works out well. There is no reason we cannot edit a good card to fit our own needs. My parents edited it, yet again, and resent it to me.

The thing is, it made me laugh all over again. Dang good card.

I really like being able to dispose of all the junk mail at the post office. Do you suppose they'd be upset if I brought in a chair and my laptop?

On my way out of the post office parking lot, I had to wait for an SUV to go by with a fresh green Christmas tree strapped to the roof. When I got home, I checked all the trees on my property. Mine were okay. You might want to check yours.


  1. Ahem, I am looking at you with a bit of a lift to my eyebrow and a tilt to the head.

    You're lucky that the postmaster didn't catch you recycling your mail in their containers. Mine strongly cautioned me to stop doing that a few years ago. It seems that the junk mail is the only thing keeping the post office afloat (big surprise) and the senders of junk mail whine if the PO lets people lighten the load right there. Well, we usually get home delivery anyway or I would still be doing what you do. And I think there might be any number of folks who have an extra comfy chair they wouldn't mind recycling to the PO for your purpose.

  2. No, really, they have a locked container with a slit in it for the purpose. They even sent out notices for PO box holders that it was available for recycling. It is a nice service, but I'd really like to bring in an easy chair and a thermos of coffee...(Starbucks of course).


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