Monday, June 8, 2009

Writing Writing

Over the weekend, in the midst of research, I happened across The Old Salt Blog. I found a book called Star-Crossed by Linda Collison. It is a nautical fiction with a female protagonist. I have to get a copy. I've already emailed my local book store, Cover-to-Cover books. I can barely wait.

In the meantime, Julian Stockwin, author of the Kydd series of nautical fiction, was kind enough to answer my email. I tried very hard to read his answer with a British accent.


  1. Next time we do a pre-read I'll show you how to link, for example to Cover to Cover Books. Always a good idea to grease the wheels that will carry your future publication :-)

  2. I say, how are you at British accents?

  3. How am I at British accents? Perfect. As long as I don't try.

  4. There is another in that line "Eye of the Cannon", by Sam Llewellyn. Young girl runs away to sea to find her father, kind of.

  5. Fantastic Jenku. I will have to look for that. Do you know the author?

    By the way, Star-Crossed was wonderful. When (positive thinking) I get published, I want to ask Linda Collison to do book signings with me. Her book is awesome.

  6. Oh, Sam Llewellyn. HA. I see that. I'm looking for it. Thanks.

  7. It's really almost a Young Adults book (or even late children). Still it's readable. Quite short. I only came across it while looking at other works of Sam Llewellyn. He has written some more novels with a nautical theme, but not quite that historic. There's a sailing thriller and some sort of sequel to "The Riddle of the Sands". Can't remember the titles now, but I have them at home.

    Of course you will have read the two novels featuring Anne Bonney, the Pirate woman...? And then there is one about Grace O'Malley...

  8. Jenku, would you please become a follower??? I don't want to lose you. I'm so excited to see your comments. I have read about Grace O'Malley, of course, but only a little chapter in a book about pirates. I'd love to read a book about her. What is the title?

    Have you read Star-Crossed, mentioned above in my blog? Fabulous book. So much detail and told in such a clever way.

    Also, I am hoping you will read my book when it is published. Oh, sure, I haven't even begun to try to find an agent yet, but I am holding HOPE. It did win second place in the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association 2009 Literary Contest. That has to count for something, right?

    Please keep in touch. I'm excited to find others who like this same type of book. I've had such fun writing about poor Jessie Maxwell's problems trying to fit in on the R.A. ship.

  9. Hah, I don't use this Google following widget, but I've put your blog in my Google reader. As for the Book about Grace O'Malley it's "Grania", by Morgan Llewelyn, another one with this unpronounceable name, minus one "l". Amazon link below.

    No, I haven't read Star-Crossed yet, but I very well might. I normally like my female heroes a little older, but then again I did in fact enjoy the Twilight saga (yes, I do not only read nautical fiction haha), so...

    I am looking forward to you book. Also you might be interested in my little contribution to the genre, "Gunboat Number 14". It's main hero isn't female I am afraid, but there is an exceptional woman in it anyway, at least in 1808 she would have been. ;)



    And my own book:


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