Saturday, July 4, 2009

Creating a bio

This morning at Starbucks I met with Carol from my critique group. Not only is she writing a really interesting book, but she is probably the smartest computer person I know in Washington. My sister, Nina and her husband, Laurent, are the smartest ones in Oregon, but they are off paddling some winding river. Thankfully Carol is a generous woman because she did not hesitate when I sent out the cry for help. She helped me write my bio and took some pictures of me to send in to the contest. I chose a picture that kind of looks like a drivers license picture. I always think those are the most flattering of me.

My sister, Dale, is an artist and has to write Bios for her art shows. I had no idea how difficult it is. It is "tooting your own horn", something we are taught not to do as children.

And now I understand Dale's "what should I wear to the opening" anxiety, also. There is a lot of stress involved in such things.

Congratulations to Dale Blodget for her opening this week in Boston. And happy birthday.


  1. You are no longer you. You are CELEBRITY!! You must now embrace all good things about YOU. Oh, and try to have a few dark secrets, that will only be revealed when it embarasses you most. If you're going to be Celebrity, might as well have the full experience.

  2. bwahahahahahhaha
    enter the dark secrets
    cousin karen


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