Saturday, November 21, 2009

Preparing for Battle

Okay, I've got my gloves, my hat, my poncho, my jacket, my windbreaker, my overshirt, my undershirt, pants, three pairs of socks, Doc Martin shoes, an extra change of clothing and a silver flask.

I know how to handle a sword, so I'm ready to take on the pirates and defend the captain. I've got my camera and extra batteries and my notebook and two pens and a pocket knife (which I've used to cut tape for packing boxes, but I'm
sure it is still good). Regular glasses, sunglasses (who am I kidding?), an energy bar, my ID and hush money. I got air in my tires and ibuprofen in my blood.


Windy. A

steady rain in

the morning, with showers

continuing in the afternoon. High 47F. Winds W at

20 to 30 mph. Chance

of rain 90%. Rainfall

around a quarter of an inch.

I hope there is a nice place to plug in my computer and perhaps some wifi. And do they have, I don't know...flight attendants or something? And it would be nice if they added some "all you can drink rum punch" like they do in the Caribbean. And, it isn't as if I'm making my poor characters go around the horn, you know. They are in a nice, warm Caribbean sea, so I don't think the rum punch is asking too much.

I'll have to chat with the captain about this as soon as I'm aboard.

I think I'm ready. At least I thought I was until I read the forecast.

When my ship comes in, I'm on it.


  1. Sounds like more fun than oral surgery!

    "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din."

    I bet you'll have fun, cuz!

  2. I quit thinking of this as an adventure. I'm now looking upon it as "experiencing the misery."

    When I signed on for this, it was sunny.

  3. um, don't forget your life jacket...(and a dingy, and a life safer, and anything else that floats...)

  4. Uh oh. I didn't see seasickness preventatives in your list. Too late now........

  5. Forecast: Rain and windy

    Weather forecasting from KDUH TV.

  6. They provide the life vests. Didn't foresee any seasickness.

    Weather from KDUH???? DUH??? (Folding arms...tap tap tap)


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