Monday, November 16, 2009

Six Days to More Research

I've been checking the weather forecasts for Sunday. Rain. On a positive note, there might be a couple of sunbreaks. I've got to find a hat, like the kind the Groton's fisherman wears. What is it called, a noreaster? Souwester?

Nine hours out in the rain. I'm so looking forward to this research. I'm pretty sure I have a poncho somewhere in the house.

I find it difficult to work at home. Some people are bothered by their children but I'm bothered by Hobiecat and Schooner. They bother me if they are sleeping because...okay, fine. They are kind of cute. But if I manage to ignore them and work, one or the other of them will smack me on the arm until I whisper little kitty sweet nothings into their ears. Sheeeez. That is my arm his paw is on.
Six more days.


  1. Gorgeous kitties! I used to have a cat (lots actually, I grew up with cats) but not right now and I miss them sitting on my lap as I type or perched gargoyle-like on the monitor. Cats and writers, a match made in heaven :)

  2. Oh, sure, they look cute in the pictures, but I don't take pictures of them while they are eating my wallpaper.

  3. Your kitties just scream catitude....


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