Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Shopping

I drove out to the Columbia Gorge today, to do some shopping at Sandra Tucker's house. I didn't make it to the Larch Mountain Craft Fair due to freaking out about the weather and searching nearby stores for rain boots, gloves, ear warmers and chap stick for my sail on the Lady Washington. Sandra usually follows the show with a home fair with many artists in a folksy atmosphere of good friends. It is really so much better.
After buying several items, from Sandra and from Robin, although many other wonderful items were displayed, I settled into the kitchen. The wood stove ticked and creaked and spiced apple cider warmed on the stove. Several artists brought blueberry cordial, homemade hard cider, elderberry cordial and Sandra supplied the blackberry cordial.

I loved the elderberry, although I expected to see the little old ladies in Arsenic and Old Lace hover over me, waiting for me to die so they could drag me into the cellar and allow Teddy Roosevelt to bury me. Luckily that didn't happen. On the way back to Vancouver from the gorge, I snapped a few pictures.

Crown Point

Moss covered railing

Moss covered trees

I'm just trying out my new camera, but I think I'll have to break down and read the directions. Of course, it could have been the blackberry cordial.


  1. Ya'll sure do have friendly fruit - so cordial and all.

  2. I've always enjoyed the blackberry, but I admit, it is stunning in a cordial.

  3. Mel - I have a recipet for black berry wine circa 1860ish. I've always wanted to try elderberry wine! Great pics. I love driving through the gorge!

  4. Jenku

    Perhaps after you visit Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor, you and your wife can hike through Washington state's Olympic National Park. If you'd like to see moss, our rain forest is the place to go.

    I suggest the month of August for your trip. :) (I'm just saying)

  5. HAHA. I'd love to, but I think I'll have to sell a few more books first!

  6. Love the pics Mel! Your new camera seemed to do a pretty good job...
    I miss being able to go for drives and shopping trips like that! Maybe when my kids are grown?

  7. Well, there is always the "Honey, I'm going shopping. You and the kids have fun..."

  8. great pictures Melanie and what a great day for a drive it was. See ya Sat for more cordial?

  9. More cordial? I'm sooooo there. Mind if we call it grog? That way I can say it is research.


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