Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shopping in Whoville

I hate shopping. No, really. Seriously. Any kind of shopping sparks shivers of fear, but Christmas shopping evokes a cold sweat. For one thing, it requires interaction with humans. Not so easy a task for a recluse living out in the hills. Oh, don't get me wrong. I do not live at the top of Mount Crumpit with a dog named Max. It is just that my "personal space" is about one hundred feet and Christmas shoppers ignore that. But, to participate in the Whobilation celebration requires thoughtful gifts, so today I ate a hearty breakfast, strapped on my flack vest and trudged out to the shopping mall, biting my nails and gnashing my teeth.

Because I had to wrestle a cart out from under two children (the mother may have meant I could have the two children, not the cart) I didn't see this sign in front of the store. You are going to have to trust me on this. I didn't choose this store because of the sign. Honest.

Whoever thought of this gimmick was a genius. What draws people into a store at Christmas? Fifty percent off sales? Five items with ridiculously low prices? Chocolate? HA. I laugh at such shenanigans. Well, maybe the chocolate...

But wine tasting? Fabulous. I'd only intended to taste one or two, but the woman kept saying,
"Wait, I think you should try this one." I didn't want to hurt her feelings, right? By the time I got out of the store, I'd just about completed my shopping. At least I think so. There are about ten bags of items in my living room. Shopping was never so relaxing.

I do wonder about the sign, though. The times say 1-4 and 3-6.

Tap tap tap.


Tap tap.

Odd, don't you think?


  1. I think it must have been this Toda guy who set up the opening hours mystery. I am certain he is related to Yoda!

  2. HAaaa, kind of like the good twin/evil twin? Yoda was the smart one and Toda was the party animal. Yes, that explains a lot.

  3. I'm looking forward to my bottle of wine!

  4. Yes, wait until you line up at the post office tomorrow to send us our gifts. Wine is heavy! Not to mention liquid.
    I found the tasting hours quite intriguing also. Maybe they thought there would be such a crowd they would need to stagger the groups. Or group the staggerers. :)

  5. Karen and Dale,

    You know, I did end up buying a bunch of wine. I can't think why. It isn't as if I'm going to post it off to anyone, say, 3,000 miles away or anything.

    Too bad you aren't here for Christmas. Maybe you could do me a favor by sitting in front of the wood stove with glasses of wine and we could sing along with Ray Charles on his Spirit of Christmas CD. As it is, I might just have to share with Hobiecat and Schooner.

  6. When you've had that much wine ... who's counting. Just saying.

  7. Counting what? Just wondering.

    And I have a bottle beside me right now that I got for Christmas. I might add it to the growing collection. Wine should never be sipped alone.


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