Sunday, March 14, 2010

PG Love Scene Blogfest

Simon Larter, over at Constant Revision blog put out a challenge for a MG (middle grade) love/sex scene. I didn't see that particular blog when it was written, so I didn't know about it until I was on twitter last night. I went over to Simon's blog this morning and decided to participate. Why not? Except, I couldn't imagine an MG sex scene because that age group is 8-12. So here is my pathetic attempt to create an MG sex/love scene for the blogfest.

Franklin teetered on the branch below me, his arms waving for balance. I rolled my eyes.

“C’mon, Franklin, sheeeez, you need more exercise.” I reached up and curled my fingers around the next branch, swinging my right leg up and hooking my heel, using the long muscles of my thigh to pull myself to the next branch.

Franklin gyrated two branches below in his brown slacks and button down shirt. I sighed. If our mothers weren’t best friends, I wouldn’t be stuck entertaining the geeky Franklin. I shook my head. Why couldn’t he wear jeans and a t-shirt like a normal guy? How much longer were our mothers going to suck down the tea, anyway?

“Abby, why can’t we just play checkers or something? Why do we have to crawl around an insect-infested tree?”

His panting breaths irritated me. “I told you I’d play chess with you.” I shrugged and stretched up to the next branch.

He snorted. “No, you cheat. You say the king isn’t important and I must capture the queen.”

A smile sneaked across my face. “He is only the prince regent.” I glanced down. “And hurry up, we are almost there.” I straightened and got hold of the next branch, dangling with just my toes on the lower limb. Franklin shot up and his weight jiggled it. My balance shifted and my hands closed tight on the upper branch as my feet veered out for balance, slamming into Franklin’s head. He tottered and flung his hands out, wrapping his arms around my thighs. I couldn’t take the added weight and my grip loosened, slipping until just the tips of my fingers clutched the branch.

“Let go, you oaf,” I squeaked out. My finger muscles screamed and panic rose.

“Can’t,” he yelled, “I’ll fall.”

“I can’t hold us,” I puffed. Flecks of brown bark floated down into my mouth. The cough came automatically and my fingers slipped off. My screech dropped into the air along with my body until it snapped to a halt. Franklin straddled the limb and his arm held my back against him, his hand splayed across my newly sprouting bosom.

My hands flew to his and tried to pry his hand away. “Let go, Franklin,” I gusted.

“Can’t. You’ll drop like a stone.” He sounded breathless, like he was in pain. His hand tightened over my chest. Little tingles of sensation shivered through my body. I gritted my teeth. “Well move your hand, will you, for crying out loud?”

He groaned. “Just shut it and don’t move, Abby, I beg you.” He shifted under me. “I’m lucky I’m not talking like a girl. Just wait until the pain goes away.”

Against my better judgment, I held still, pressed against him with his hand clutching where no boy should clutch without my express permission. We both panted through our fear and I remembered when my little brother fell on the bar of his bike, straddling it like a bucking bronco. He cried.

After a couple minutes his hand moved, cupping me. Suspended twenty feet in the air, it felt curiously nice, not that I’d ever tell him that. He felt warm and solid behind me, like the trunk of the tree, only not rough. He probably didn’t know where his hand was because of his pain, so I didn’t say anything. And then he nuzzled my ear and his warm breath disturbed my hair. “Maybe you aren’t so bad after all, Abby.”

I drove my elbow back and nailed him in the side, twisting my body enough to latch onto the branch as he dropped me. “Don’t even think about it Franklin,” I sneered.

But as I caught hold of the lower branch, I wondered if he wasn’t so bad either.


  1. Young love; brevity. How romantic. This is the stuff that love is built on later.

    No MG sex; but, you know, thats just not acdeptable in todays society. I really enjoyed this scene, and hope you incorporate it into one of your novels - or short stories. It is engaging and well written. It shrieks "give me more."

    I am delighted to have found your blog through Simons efforts.


  2. I agree with Donna. Not exactly what I was expecting, but well written. I want more, too. Makes me wonder what's going to happen next between these two.

  3. Ewww...MG sex scenes! Just the thought of that makes me me old fashioned, I've been called worse.

    There is sex everywhere! I can't buy a bar of chocolate without the imagine of some girl having an orgasm over it :D I would never have a sex scene or anything even close in my MG novels.

    The innocents of children is what makes them stand out as a shining example to the rest of Mankind.

    That's just my humble opinion, but you know I'm right :)

  4. By the way, Melanie, that is an awesome tree :) Did you read mt tree story in Frankies blog?

  5. Donna and Tina, yeah, it wasn't was I was expecting either. But I simply could not do an actual sex scene for MG. This was the closest I could get to it and I figured them to be just the tiniest bit older than an MG reader in my mind.

    Kurt, you are right, of course. You'll have to provide a URL to the tree story.

  6. I don't mind at all that there's no actual lovin' going on in this, good lady. I think you captured a moment of tension quite well, actually. The rules for the blogfest went out the window a while ago, so this totally counts. Well done! :)

  7. I love your story!!! Maybe they didn't do the deed but I like it anyway!

  8. I like this! Very cute, and I love the awkwardness of the situation.

  9. *cheers for Abby* Great young character, who will elbow her friend even as she's wondering if he's not so bad. Thoroughly enjoyed these characters. Great job!

  10. Everyone has bent or broken the rules or *cough weaved around them like I did cough* so I think this is excellent. Very well done. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh, and I hope you don't mind that I'm following your blog now. (*ominous music sounds*)

  12. This was lovely, very sweet, and totally within the rules. :) I loved your two characters.

  13. Oh, okay. Here you go...

  14. omg I LOVE your MC. I love that she elbows him =)

  15. I think this is perfect for MG. Great scene. Love the sense of awakening and your protagonist is terrific. Very well done!

  16. I think Abby and I must be soul sisters somewhere along the line. This is a wonderfully sweet and funny.

  17. Simon, thanks for not kicking me out of the blogfest world.

  18. Denise and Livia, thanks for the sweet compliments.

    Portia, yes, Abby surprised me when she did that. Wasn't what I intended. HA!

    Shannon, I'm honored you are following. Thanks.

  19. SarahJayne, it was totally outside the rules. I've always wanted to be a rule-breaker! Heh heh.

    Sara, I like to think she really let him have it when they got out of the tree.

    VR, this was a first attempt at MG. Perhaps I should stick with YA.

    LK, I'm just looking at your comment and remembering your fabulous entry. Gripping.

  20. Oh-this was cute. Totally captured a lot of awkward pre-teen chemistry. Loved this! I wish I'd gotten to it last night when I posted, but I'm glad I got to is today! It was so good!

  21. Hayley, it was fun doing this. I kind of wish I'd had the courage to do the fight scene blogfest.

  22. Melanie, you are magnificent. You took an icky subject and made it tasteful and delightful. Great little story!

  23. Jewell,

    Thanks. I broke the rules of the contest though.


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