Sunday, April 24, 2011

Suffering Through Spring Fever

I know this would never happen, but let's just say someone left their sunroof open on a hot, sunny, Oregon day in spring.

And let's just say they spent the night with family and when they woke in the morning, this was pouring rain.

And let's just say everyone in the family listens to Car Talk on NPR and knows that mildew is the worst enemy in a situation like that.

Here is what I would recommend:

1. Close sunroof and towel dry inside of car
2. Gather some quarters and use the vacuum at a car wash (with their permission) to see if that can vacuum up any moisture
3. Fill your tank with petrol
4. Start engine
5. Leave one rear window cracked open
6. Let engine run with heater going for five hours

Not that I know this for sure, since this is all hypothetical, but when you return to the car after five hours, everything will feel as dry as the Atacama Desert, including the carpeting and seats.

Will this prevent it from suffering mildew?

I'll let you know.


  1. Bummer! So sorry, fingers crossed.... :O)

  2. You could stay in the car during that 5 hour time period and enjoy a "spa" day. The sauna effect is amazing. Um, not that I've ever done that or anything...

  3. I knew this really girl who moved to Florida and SEVERAL times left her convertible top down under sunny skies...and then it rained A LOT in her car. (Maybe why she has malfunctioning electronics in her car from time to time.) There is this stuff - I think it's called Damp Rid - you can buy at a big box store or hardware store - and it sucks the moisture out of the air - for use in closets etc. It worked great for her in her Cabrio. I think if you buy a case of them and leave them outside you might suck all the dampness out of the Portland skies, so be careful.

  4. Diane,

    I know you meant to say, "if that had really happened, it would be a bummer." (wink)


    HA! But you can only spend like...20 minutes in a sauna. That's about how long I make it in the heated car.


    Damp Rid, huh? Not that you would know anyone that has ever had to use it.

  5. I think Max has good advice, were it ever to happen. I used some of that stuff in a moldy closet once. Unfortunately, the container it came in was not sufficient to hold all the humidity-turned-to-liquid and it oozed over the side. Just sayin. Put a bigger bowl under it, if you ever happen to need to use it for whatever reason. haha

  6. Dale,

    If that had really happened, I'd get a bowl to put under the stuff Max told me about (which seems to work quite well).


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