Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adrift in Pirate Waters, Part 2

My Costa cruise isn't for months, yet I'm still planning ahead.

After the Costa Allegra suffered a fire that crippled the ship, shutting down the engines, generators, air-conditioning, and ice machines at the cocktail bar, some passengers waited along the rails to be boarded by pirates. Luckily the pirates do not have CNN, or Huffington Post, and did not get the "A-Ok" to rush to the helpless vessel's location. Instead, a French tuna boat received the SOS alert and clawed its way to the aid of the toilet-less ship. Once there, the fishing trawler tossed a line to the distressed crew, and towed the ship to port.

I don't know about you, but I'd be embarrassed to be hauled into port by a tuna boat. I wouldn't have minded being aboard the tuna boat hauling a cruise ship, however. For one thing, they probably had a functioning head. For another, it is my bet they had hot coffee and cold creamer. Third, it would have been fun to be on deck, chugging into port as the hero, cheered by a thousand passengers and crew.

In deference to the tuna buccaneers, plunging into pirate infested waters to save a drifting ship, I've discussed it with Sandra and we both agree we should add a couple of cans of tuna to our "personal insurance plan" discussed in my last post.

I've also taken the initiative of ordering a myriad of inflatable pillows that will fit into my suitcase. I like a lot of pillows--small, large, thin, fat, firm, soft, long, short--and it is my opinion you can never have too many. Sometimes they fall on the floor, but that just provides a soft landing if one should fall out of bed. As the pillows come in, I'm sewing little pillow cases for them. Now, I could ask Costa Cruises to provide an extra pillow or two, but I'd hesitate asking for seven. That would just be greedy (unless the ship is empty because of cancellations).

Besides, air pillows float.

Just sayin'.


  1. You are scaring the crap out of me about travel to the Caribbean. I'm supposed to go to Costa Rica in August and all I was worrying about is dysentery.

    Now I'm worried about everything!

    Thanks, Melanie.

  2. Pamela,

    Whoa! I'll go put a can opener on the list.

  3. I have an inflatable kayak you're welcome to borrow.

  4. Dale,

    Hmmmm, will it fit in my suitcase?


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