Monday, April 9, 2012

What flavor is that cat food?

I started a diet last month, and I've been doing pretty well. But Easter was one of the hardest days, so far. It started out with a breakfast buffet at the senior living place where my parents are. I dragged myself past the hot cinnamon rolls, pound cake, and cranberry scones, but even the small piece of cheese/asparagus quiche made my palms clammy with fear. Still, when breakfast was over, I thought I'd been successful. Then the little basket of jelly beans was placed in my hands, and my tongue swelled, forcing my mouth open. I'd probably scarfed down six or eight before my family could rush around the table and pry the little basket from my fists. The entire rest of the day I was starving. STARVING. Like I'm back to square one. The rest of the day I ate the pitiful meals, but I'm back to eyeing the cat's kibble and wondering if they'd miss a few morsels. And I tried to log in everything I ate, but I'm not sure if the numbers are correct, which is frightening because I'm inches from the edge of the cliff as far as my calorie goal.


  1. Don't eat the cat food..."they" say it's sweeter than dog food - that's why dogs go nuts over it. And I wouldn't eat dog food either. I've had to swear off all chips...the salt, the no-nutrition calories...oh my, my mouth is watering...

  2. Been there a hundred times - the dieting not the cat or dog food eating. Very funny, loved it.
    Lisa Cutts


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