Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Middle of the Three Day Weekend

I've just created this blog. I had to do it now, while I'm in the first half of the three-day weekend. If I waited until the second half, I'd be unable to focus or force my fingers to press the letters on the keyboard, I'd be so tired. Why is it I feel so much smarter, charming, and energetic during the first half of a holiday weekend than I do on the second?

Later on, during the last day, I'll take on a more stoic approach. The pall of the work-a-day world will settle its dark veil and my every action will slow like a server with 98% capacity filled.

If one approached it from a logical standpoint, it would not make sense. Presumably, one has received more sleep after two days off. The level of stress should be lower, too. So, what spreads its sinister cloud of doom over the third day?

I am writing a book and at this very moment I am participating in writing avoidance. I am nearing the end and am suffering separation anxiety. Well, either that or I'm terrified to apply my pen to the dreaded query letter page.

My story?

"Jessamine Maxwell and her two cousins make a big mistake. They disguise themselves as sailors to thwart pirates’ abduction, but are instead pressed into the Royal Navy in broad daylight off the South Carolina coast in 1805. It isn’t easy for a whey-faced, stump-winged lubber of an American boy to fit in on a British navy ship, especially when he is really a she, but Jessie does her best. When she takes action, things happen. But not on purpose."

So, if I can learn to blog, perhaps the query is not insurmountable.


  1. oh!! PLEASE BLOG, and that query will take care of itself. And yes I'm just saying that (the part where I say the query takes care of itself), but I really think you should blog, if only to entertain me.

  2. Hooray! Now I know I'm going to love your book.


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