Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Extra Cats

My cat is sick. He likes to eat things. Pieces of paper, silk flowers, shoe strings, bows, ribbons, and a host of other things. He doesn't put it together that when he feels sick it is from weird things he eats. If I thought he would never do it again, it would make me feel better, but I know it is just a matter of time until the next incident.

I tried calling him from work, just to find out if he was better or worse. My other cat is concerned, too. But neither of them answered. I tried not to let that upset me.

I've taken him to the vet before, more than once, but they really don't do anything more than shoot some liquid under his skin to "hydrate" him and then charge $267. So I have a syringe and I've been forcing him to drink now and then, and leaving the $267 in my bank account.

So I'll be awake most of the night, worrying about the silly boy. (Sigh)

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