Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dumping the Garbage

I am dedicating this weekend to dumping 5,426 words from my manuscript. I'm closeting myself in and pressing the delete key.

Reading aloud really helps. I read chapter four to my mother last night. I had thought I was finished with it. I could barely get through it. This edit I'm going for "good enough". Next edit I'll go for "fabulous". Last night I only achieved, "Well, dear, it was very nice. I'm just proud that you finished the book."

Eeeeeeek. Back to work. No blogs for three days. I'm determined.


  1. Sending my best wishes your way! Good luck with the delete button... although I have a fondness for my backspace button. On one keyboard we had, it was actually missing some letters.
    I owe you a dollar...

  2. Editing can be fun, cuz. Think of it as a newer, smarter version. The enthusiasm for the story carried you through the first time. Now you are polishing I hate polishing silverware. And don't have any anyway. Now you are shining it waxing the car...well, I screwed that up last time putting the wax on some parts that shouldn't have any wax and they got a white look.... OK...think of it as homework and you'll get in trouble if you don't do it!

  3. Nice try at positive reinforcement, Karen. I appreciate it.

    PLA, I will alternate between the delete and the backspace for variety. Thanks for the suggestion. And you don't owe me a dollar. You paid for coffee last time. I owe you.


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