Monday, September 7, 2009

Steve and Mark and the Memoir

I probably should not admit I've only just clawed my way into modern times. A few years back I was shamed into becoming email literate when my mother complained she didn't have my email address. In the last four months I've joined facebook, twitter and blogging. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to read about my recent decent into digital cameras, but it was necessary because I cannot seem to find any film for my Polaroid Land Camera. And it only took three months to figure out how to get pictures into my daily blog entries. But when I learn how to do something I tend to plunge in with my fingers pinching my nose.

Which leads me to today's topic: Steve Jaquith

Steve was a finalist in the mainstream category of the PNWA Literary Contest. After hearing a little about his book, working title "Not Another Celebrity Memoir", I wanted to read it. I asked him to send me his contest entry (about 25 pages of his book) which he did. His humorous writing style reminded me of Mark Twain. In college I read one of Twain's short stories that so hilariously depicted a human flaw that I think of it whenever I find myself on the brink of displaying the trait myself. Steve captures the trait as humorously as did Twain, but with a modern slant.

I asked him if I could mention his book and he sent me a one sentence synopsis:

Faced with the unwelcome task of writing his memoirs, a one-hit-wonder Hollywood actor is stymied by his insecurities until a chance encounter with an unconventional heavy-metal cowgirl renews both his career-path and his self-worth.

The trouble with a one sentence pitch is it gives the reader no clue as to Steve's amusing writing style. Luckily, he went on to say:

You can also use words such as: hilarious, brilliant, and sure-fire best-seller.

That made me laugh, as did the 25 pages of manuscript.

Steve is a writer/actor who has written scripts for Home & Garden Television, interactive murder mysteries for fun and profit, and the occasional ransom note to thwart the Superfriends. He’s acted on film, television and stage and spent a decade touring with an improvisational comedy troupe. I think from this you can discern the man knows humor.

When I asked him to send me a picture to add to this blog, this is what he sent.

With a sense of humor like that, I'm sure we'll be seeing his book in print.


  1. What is a superfriend and why would you want to ransom one? Just asking...

  2. If you don't recognize the Super Friends by their collective name, you might know them individually as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman, the Wonder Twins, etc. If one were a supervillain, one might kidnap Wonderdog and then send a ransom note to the Super Friends. Perhaps you know the Justice League of America? Pretty much the same folks.

  3. So, I think Anonymous is accusing poor Mr. Jaquith of being a supervillain, capable of kidnapping cute, cuddly canines to separate the superfriends from their shillings. But hark; he hasn’t the headset for horrendous acts of piracy.

    Hmmmm, or does he? He DID have a pirate flag on his business card…


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