Sunday, September 13, 2009

Revision Revulsion

I'm only on page 67 of Elizabeth Lyon's Manuscript Makeover. My eyes are glazing over and I'm thinking of taking up the violin. After trying to study at the park by the river again and becoming best friends with a two-year-old, and scaring a puppy into a near death experience, I came home to study. I know I shouldn't actually look at my manuscript for a few weeks (six is the time frame that comes to mind), but I decided I wanted to try out some of what I learned.

Did I cut out any of the 13,000 words I need to delete? Well, no. Instead, I changed the word "stood" to "towered" in the first paragraph and added the word "pretentious" to the second. Elizabeth Lyon would be proud. I think I'm all set now. Probably ought to buy a couple envelopes so I can send it off to an agent.

(Editor's note: Melanie Sherman is joking, in case you are an agent reading this blog. She really does intend to cut the excess words and has committed to taking out most of the word "look", some of the word "walk", and limiting exclamation points!)


  1. Personally, I lean toward learning the didgeridoo. It would have the desired tone to go with the revision experience.

  2. You've never heard me play the violin. It would go perfectly with revulsion.

    (Speaking of revisions, The First Carol is currently in the revision process of her own manuscript.)


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