Sunday, February 20, 2011

Microfiction Monday #71

Once again, I'm taking part in Susan's Monday blogfest at Stony River. She posts a picture and we must come up with a story consisting of 140 characters or less. That includes spaces and punctuation, which is a great way to force me to give up some of my beloved commas.

Here is this week's picture and my story below.

Bulldozers rumbled outside as she took a last look. Her heels clicked like they had long ago, but now there were no screams, no red ooze.

And if you are up to it, in the post just before this one I posted a picture I took on Friday of two bald eagles and was very disappointed in my little camera. Saturday I went out and bought another, still pretty inexpensive, and today one of the eagles perched in the same tree. I took a picture and posted it below the other. Drop by and tell me if you think it is better.

To read other great entries to Microfiction Monday, stop by Stony River.


  1. Yikes! Great start tp a horror movie! Interesting take on the hall pregnant with symbolism.

  2. Er, that "tp" should be "to."

  3. Definite start for a horror movie!! Great take on the pic! As for your eagle shots, I definitely think the second one is the best -- worth getting the new camera!! Hope you have a great week, Melanie!


  4. I was FINE until I got to the red ooze!
    What could that be! Good one , had me going

  5. Pat,

    Thanks for your comment. I always think it is a "horror comment" when I discover a typo after I've posted it on someone's blog. Since I've done it many times to others, I barely even notices. :)

    Sylvia. Thanks (for both comments). I'm trying to justify to myself that I bought another camera when there was nothing wrong with the first.

  6. Full of menace. But I'm glad the bulldozer's finally there.

    Have a great week, Melanie.

  7. Gave me the chills!

    Oh and I agree, the 2nd photo is definitely the better of the two!

  8. Peggy,

    Yes, the red ooze kind of grossed me out, too.


    Ah, yes. Nothing like razing an old building.


    Thanks. I'm beginning to get over my buyer's remorse regarding the camera.


    Could be horror, but I don't write horror. I'm sure there is a logical explanation. :)

  9. OOOoooooo!! Scary story=nightmares tonight!


  10. "dammit. was it the second door on the left or the first door on the right? why don't i listen when people give directions?"

    that's my two cents worth. and i'm way too lazy to count how many characters that is. happy sunday evening!!

  11. Melanie,
    Oh, definitely horror! That red ooze gives it away evey time! Good Micro!


  12. Pooch,
    Sorry about the nightmares. But when you wake up, write 'em down.

    You always have a fresh take on things. Love it.

    Ms. Daisy,
    You think? Maybe I should be writing horror. Hmmm. :)

  13. Scary stuff. Have a great week.

  14. I hope the bad thoughts are demolished along with the building.

  15. I suppose every torn down building has memories for those who once were involved. This is a neat post, Melanie. When you get to be my age a lot of things in your past will have been torn down.
    Second picture with the new camera is much clearer. But then you were closer or did telescopic? My little Sony won't take the moon pictures like my Kodak did.
    My dog broke that first camera. Things break and don't get fixed and then some things get torn down.

  16. Jim,

    My father used to demolish houses for a living. I wonder at all the memories he bulldozed.

    Thanks for the comment on the pictures. Both were taken from the same spot, maxing out the zoom. I think I'm going to like the new one.

  17. Red ooze ...not sure I would want to know, but it does beckon to take a more in depth look . Could be a great start to a twisted tale.

  18. Vicki,

    Thanks, but I feel sick just thinking about red ooze. Had to lie down on the floor of the store when I had my ears pierced. I'm a weenie.

  19. Love the red ooze... wondering how the screams relate to it.

    And love the eagles. The second obviously zoomed better. Both are stunning pics.

  20. Reflections,

    Thanks. I don't know how long the eagles will stay. Probably just for a week or so. I'm lucky to get these pictures.

  21. I like it. Like an epilogue to a horror story.

  22. Eeewww! Red ooze! LOL Nice visual. Great take on the pic.

  23. Melanie.
    Just found your blog. Great meme.
    I too discovered eagles this weekend. Check out my blog with eagle photo and consider signing on as a follower, please.

  24. Oh my! Haunting take on the picture. And I like your blog...beautiful photo of the eagles!

  25. Since many others had the same comment, it must be true. That is the beginning of a great horror story. If not a novel, then a short. You should run with that!

  26. Very imaginative interpretation. Great story there.

  27. Red ooze.... very powerful visual. Nice job! :O)

  28. Eric and Anthony, Monica and Mama and Doc,
    Thanks for your comments. Maybe I'll write something using this.

    Lisa and Diane,
    Sorry about the red ooze. I wanted to say something different, but, alas--140 characters stopped me.

    Linda and Ashling,
    Thanks for your sweet compliments. It is always fun to get those.

  29. That sounds like the start of a novel. I'm dying to know what happened to her in thata building.

  30. A really spooky Microfiction. I don't even want to think what went on behind the doors.

  31. She'll be red ooze if she lingers too long in that hallway! Bulldozers hurt!

  32. I nominated you for an award this time...swing on by and pick 'er up :)

  33. Grandma,
    Interesting. I haven't a clue what went on. I'd have to make something up. :)

    C'mon, man, think about it, think about it. (grin)

    Wow, yes, she'd better get out of there. LOL

    I'm soooo on my way over to your blog!!!!!

  34. screams and oozes would bring out the scary ones.. good one

  35. I hope the bulldozer finally manages to ease her painful memories. Loved it! And I agree with the comments about the camera--you definitely made the right decision buying a new one! Cheers~

  36. Priyanka,

    When you put it that way, I'm even scared.


    Thanks for caring about the protag. And thanks for checking out the camera shots. :)

  37. Nice microfiction, I think I can hear those bulldozers....hoping they are far less threatening than the red ooze!

  38. Karen,

    Thanks. I want to see if they'll let me try out the bulldozer.


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