Sunday, February 6, 2011

Very Little Sympathy

I did it. I sent it in. Oh, dear Lord, why did I send it? What was I thinking? It is like buyer's remorse. Do any other writers feel the angst when they send in a manuscript?

It wouldn't be so bad except Hobiecat and Schooner give me little sympathy. Hobie was lying on the back of my chair, purring, and I mentioned to him that my palms were sweating. He flopped over and snored in my ear.

Photo by Eddy Van 3000 from in Flanders fields - Belgiquistan - United Tribes ov Europe

So I ran my hands down my pant legs and gritted my teeth, trying to come to terms with my anxiety, but a little whimper escaped, which made Schooner roll his eyes. "Shut up about it, already," he growled.

Photo by Winfried Bruenken (Amrum)

And then Schooner brought out a toy and wanted to play fetch. They really don't understand.


  1. It's like that email you wish you never sent and can't get back... :-)

    What was it that you sent off??

    cup of tea will fix it... tea fixes EVERYTHING.


  2. Constance,

    Perhaps I shall enjoy a cuppa. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I feel your pain! It really does feel like that with submissions, doesn't it? I wrote a recent post with similar bent. Good luck with your submissions!

  4. Yet if you don't send it you will never get accepted either. It's all part of the process. Good for you!

  5. Lisa,
    Thanks for feeling the pain with me. I'll check out your angst post. :)

    Well said. I've got to suck it up and send it out.

  6. It's that paralyzing fear that stops me from getting further than the first page of my novel.


  7. Single,

    Are you kidding? I have to have tissue ready when I read your blog because I laugh so hard I cry. You are a natural.


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