Sunday, February 6, 2011

Microfiction Monday

Microfiction Monday #69

Welcome to Microfiction Monday, where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.

I decided to join in on Microfiction Monday over at Susan's Stony River. We are invited to write a story about a select picture in 140 characters or less (including spaces and punctuation). Microfiction means the shortest of short stories, which is quite the challenge for me. Even little notes I leave myself to remember to buy gas are longer than 140 characters.

Here’s this week’s picture followed by my story:

"Even in this dreary second story flat, I must block out the afternoon light, lest the sun infiltrates the clouds to vaporize me."

Now hop on over to Susan's to see the other entries and have a great Monday.


  1. Laughing here - fear of vaporisation is not so very common, I think.

  2. Your character perhaps needs to adjust his aluminum foil antennae. LOL Nicely done.

  3. I like the whimsical touch to this story.

  4. Poor things! Don't let that happen, please... :O)

  5. Oh oh;
    Another one bits the dust!
    Love this, and I was going to turn this building into Lofts! Oh Dear!

    I'm following you now, thought I already was.
    Hope I don't get vaporized.

  6. Jabblog,

    I've never felt the need to block out the light, but there is always the chance we'll be vaporized, I suppose.

    Aluminum foil. Of course. If I'd only had 200 characters instead of 140. ;)

    Thanks. I just kept wondering why those windows were blocked.

    Thanks. Perhaps the therapist will arrive soon.

    Hopefully you won't have clients like this one.

  7. Ah, vaporization! Felt like that was happening to me this morning!! Great one for the day, Melanie! Hope your week goes well!


  8. Sylvia,
    You felt it too, huh? Perhaps some of that aluminum foil? :) Thanks for your comments.

  9. It sounds as if The Count will need to find a darker place for his Coffin.

  10. I got a good giggle from this one. Great take on the picture :)

  11. Susan,

    It is such a problem these days.

  12. Elizabeth

    Makes you wonder what all those vapor trails in the sky are, doesn't it?

  13. Glad you decided to join us on Microfiction Monday, Melanie. Beautifully done!

    Thanks for your comments on mine, and for the follow. Much appreciated. Good luck with your submissions.

  14. I am imagining a sexy vampire :)

    thank you for your good thoughts for Isadora
    and please thank the cats as well

    I should find out later today how the surgery went, she was resting well last night
    I'll post as soon as I have all the news

  15. Nice contrast between the bleak outside and the intrigue inside! Hope you are having a fantastic week! :>

  16. Dianne,

    I think I'm imagining the same thing.

    Hope your pwecious widdle kiddy is feeling better by this afternoon.


    Thanks for your comment. Loved your entry.

  17. Mwahahaha!! I was going along with the nice, normal story till I got to "vaporize me" and I cracked up.

  18. Pat,

    Thanks. I've been so enjoying the other entries, too. Amazing how different they are.

  19. Ha! So that's what was up with the covered windows!

  20. He must live in the Pacific Northwest, where the sun rarely infiltrates the clouds. LOL!

  21. Debora

    You mean there are places where the sun actually shines?

  22. Goodness what a job!

    I'm the same... take far to long to say what i need. Except when i need to fill it out and then i draw blanks! Blanks i tell you!:-)


    Enjoy. It is good for the creative mind :-) i prefer poetry as i can ramble!

    Have fun

  23. Constance,

    I know what you mean about blanks. Scrabble. My vocabulary is limited to "the" "at" "on."


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