Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day


Snow is still drifting down and I just realized the chains will not fit on my new car's wheels. I might be able to get down from the hills, but I'd never be able to get home again. And it is expected to get below freezing. My driveway is 150 feet long. I'll have to shovel it so it isn't a big sheet of ice tonight.

We don't get snow very often, so it is a treat for us. I called in to work and let them know I couldn't make it in. If it melts off a little, I might try later. But, really, it will take shoveling just to get up to the top of my driveway.
Front yard

Side yard

Zoom to the top of the tree

I got all dressed and ready to go, but there is nothing saying I can't go take a nap.


  1. LOL. Yep, gotta love the snow day! Of course ours is already melting and the dog is pretty upset. He was having a ball playing in the snow. guess I'll have to take him to the mountains to play in it again someday. LOL

  2. Sharon and Katie,

    Okay, okay, it started to melt off so I went to work. Sheeez. But taking the dogs to the mountains sounds fun.

  3. That looks like some really heavy snow. YUK! :O)

  4. Hope you get back from work okay. Looks like it'll be pretty messy if you get some new snow and freezing temps! ours had almost completely melted away but we just got hit with more and now have about 1/2 inch of slush that will be real fun once that cold air finally hits us this evening!!

  5. Diane,

    It IS heavy. It was only about three inches, but it was a weighty three inches. I mean, it could crush my roof. Maybe I should have stayed home.


    The problem with having a Subaru is that my boss expects it to plow through rain, sleet, snow, slush, and ice. When I had a convertible, no one expected me to risk my life in three inches of snow.

  6. That's a good enough reason to get another convertible if you ask me! LOL.

  7. Snow............I love snow....such a beautiful sight....

  8. Katie,

    I miss it, I really do.


    It is supposed to warm up to 35 today. Brrrrr, very unusual here. I'm used to the balmy, tropical 40's.

  9. Your Subaru is appalled that you have so little faith. And to write a blog expressing that deficit! You'd better treat him to a car wash or something. They have long memories.

    Good thing you went to work after all. And how did you like the AWD?

  10. Dale,

    Phfffft. It will just be our little secret. The Subaru need never know.

  11. Melanie, what Dale said!

    Seriously, though, you might want to find some slushy stuff in a vacant parking lot and see what your Subaru is capable of. I think you will be pleased. And I'm telling Abu what you said next time you come over.

  12. Nina,

    Um hum. Sure. If my car starts giving me trouble, I'll know who's been talking to it.

  13. snowy days really give us a problem with our driveway. great post by the way!Asheville prestige Subaru car

  14. aiza,

    Oh great, the word is spreading throughout the Subaru community. I'm in big trouble.


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