Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Arrival

Things went surprisingly smooth today. I got on the road at 8:45 to drive the hour to Wilsonville. The car wasn't there yet. When I got there Laurent and Nina offered me homemade bread with homemade peach jam and a latte. What can put a person in a better mood than that?

We went out in the garage to make sure everything was out of the way. My mother pointed to a chair and told me she hadn't wanted to bring it. It was falling apart. I looked it over and she was right. We took an axe to it and broke it up into pieces, which Laurent put in a black garbage bag and I stuffed it into my car to take home for my garbage collection on Thursday.

In the early afternoon, the truck arrived. Lori, the driver, jumped out and had to move the Ferrari from the bottom to the top and then she had to back the Cuda out. Finally, she used her air compressor pump up the Buick's flat tire so she could back it out.

We did have to enlist some help from the neighbors because the Buick isn't running. They pushed the Buick out onto the lift gate and then out into the street.

That was the easy part. Then they had to push it into the garage.

Then Lori packed the Cuda back into the truck under the Ferrari.

Close the door.

Buick safe and sound.

And off Lori goes.

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