Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July 25, 2009

We are all up by 5:30. Shower. Mom is packing up her office paperwork and hasn't eaten. I'm packing while I have a bowl of cereal. My brother is loading the "Mom's attic" of the huge Uhaul truck. There is a knock on the door at 6:30am. It is the movers. We are not ready.

But we are paying them an enormous amount an hour so they begin tossing blankets over furniture and wrapping them with stretch wrap. Boxes are being hauled out to the truck faster than we can pack them. A car shows up in the driveway at 7:15am. A couple comes in and buys the shield-back chairs. Just in time because the movers had already tried to load them onto the truck.

A big rig shows up and off-loads a backhoe and other equipment, all vying for space in the driveway. The roaring of earth moving equipment echos through the neighborhood.

I have TWO fever blisters on my lips from the stress. Just great. The truck is loaded except for all the stuff I couldn't pack "until the last minute." Well the last minute was four hours ago. The people we hired to load the truck are gone now and we'll have to load all the dang stuff ourselves.

A couple more loads to the dump.

I keep looking around and expecting to see the devil sitting in the room with me, saying, "welcome."

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