Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday at the Ballpark

We are lucky to have a triple A baseball team in Portland. It is easy to get to PGE Park, the tickets don't require hocking your car and signing over your firstborn and there is usually a little breathing room around you. Normally the baseball is very good too. Today it was just a little too good. It was almost a shut out...on both sides.

My parents are settling in to the Northwest and decided a baseball game was in order. I met Nina and Laurent and my parents at the game. My daughter, Kelly, also met us there. We scooched into our seats with the required hot dogs, colas, popcorn and pretzels and the game began.

About the seventh inning, Nina and I quit routing for just the Beavers. We began routing for the Royals too. In fact, we began to plan that the next scoreless half of an inning, one player would have to leave and a random draw of the audience would have to go in to replace the player. We didn't want to be there for seventeen scoreless innings. I mean, when there are scores mounting on both sides--or even hits--it is fun to watch, but the most exciting event in the game (up until the only run) was when one of the teams walked two in a row. Finally the Royals got a run and the Beavers made some great plays and the game ended in only the nine innings. Whew.


  1. We're Americans, we're supposed to like baseball, right? I dunno, I might consider defecting.

  2. I like baseball, honest I do. But watching seven innings of "three up, three down" gets tedious.


  4. Yeah, I love it. I clicked on the picture and it brought up a larger version. You can see my father has used a hacksaw to cut off half of the binoculars, "because I only got one good eye". So what do you call binoculars that have been sawed in half?


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