Monday, August 31, 2009

Too Cute for Words

I am fortunate to be forced to drive through the country to get home from work. My regular route, which already has the ambiance of rural country life, gives me a spring-time view of baby sheep and baby cattle and baby horses. Unfortunately for my gas mileage, the main road to my house is closed for about six months, forcing an even more scenic way home. I drive past a sign that advertises eggs for sale, and another that advertises numerous veggies for sale if I desire the fun experience of tramping through the fields to pick it myself, and another boasting hay is available.

But somewhere along the way is a pasture with a mommy horse and a matching baby horse. They are either pintos or paints (I can never remember which is which) and they look exactly alike. I want to stop and get a picture because it is one of those instances where a picture really is worth more than words, but there is no "shoulder" on the road where I could pull over and pretend I have something wrong with my car and shoot a couple pictures unobtrusively. No, I'd have to pull up into their driveway and jump out and haul out my camera. It is a long, long, "pasture on each side" driveway.

I need a vote. Would it be rude to pull into the driveway and take a picture of the mare and foal? Should I drive up to the house and ask permission? The baby is getting older. I've been kicking this around for a month. What should I do?


  1. Courage child! Drive right up as if they were cousins and take a picture. They'll be complimented ☺

  2. My cousins would probably meet me with a shotgun. Well, the ones in Floriday would, anyway. (I'm hoping to see if my Florida cousins will read this.)

  3. ahem...we live EAST of I-95 which is beach-liberal-noncracker-nonredneck land (mostly)....and none of us own a gun...yet.
    Thanks a lot for bringing up the pinto vs paint thing. I now know more than I ever WANTED to know about it because of Wikipedia. FYI a paint is a type of pattern (and it looks like from your later pics that they are paints) that a pinto horse can have. So a paint is a pinto but a pinto doesn't have to be a paint. And sometimes a pinto can be a bean.

  4. Karen, I may not have meant YOU as the Florida cousin I worried about. I mean, you have siblings living there. And thanks for the info about pinto/paints. I can tell you are a writer. You did your research. And thanks for pointing out a pinto can sometimes be a bean. (chortle)


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