Monday, October 5, 2009

Brotherly Love

As a baby, Schooner loved his adopted brother Hobiecat. They each had their own bed, but Schooner quickly decided it was more fun to snuggle in with his older brother.

But it was really only a one cat bed, even though Schooner was small. Hobiecat did the best he could to be a gentleman and a good older brother.

Eventually, they found a harmonious way to share.

But a year and a half later, both Hobiecat and Schooner are bigger. Hobiecat loves to snuggle into his bed located next to my computer. He likes being near me. Schooner doesn't care about being near me. He still loves his brother and he still thinks he is a kitten.
Being a big brother is not always easy.

And Schooner isn't as small as he used to be.


  1. my goodness what a tidy home.

  2. After Single Dating Mommy's story, I've been trying to keep my house clean enough for the clergy to drop in.

  3. Your kitties are adorable! Love the pics!

  4. Sandra

    Thanks. They are a handful, but I kind of like them.


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