Monday, October 12, 2009

To My Three, Two

I went to supper. Not far away. Just down the hall. When I came back, after only 20 minutes, a gaping hole appeared in the area normally occupied by the two and three on my laptop keyboard.

Oh dear lord.

I needed to go online because Carol had begun a skirmish on twitter, recruiting "followers" on her blog. "On the subject of blogs... will ya'll click on mine & follow me? In a contest with @Scupperlout and we're dead even," she broadcast.

But wait, on twitter, one must have the @ sign. It is how someone knows you are talking to them and not the universe. I tried just pressing the blank area of the two, and it worked with some effort, but then I began to wonder if I could be electrocuted. Maybe it is just me, but that prospect didn't appeal to me.

I searched for the missing keys. I found one. Well, not one...three...not three, THE three. It was mauled. Little cat teeth protrusions stuck up like braille and it was bent. I balanced the three on the two to answer the tweets coming in like sheet lightning, but it popped off too fast.

The cats snuggled down in their beds beside the computer and pretended to be asleep, but I heard one snorting. Patting the carpet, I located the vagrant two and moved the three from the two and pressed the two into place.

Pop. Tinkle, tinkle, plop.

Back on the floor, the two hid behind the leg of the desk. Back to the keyboard. Pop, tinkle, tinkle, grrrrrrr. I tried the three in the two spot again, but that left the # sign still missing. Glue. Would glue hurt the keyboard?

Cats remained positioned in their beds, but occasionally an eye would squint open. I finally pushed very hard on the two and it remains, but askew. The three is a mess and is hard to use.

I am putting Hobiecat and Schooner on Craigslist, the vicious little beasts.


  1. Hey, that's @TheFirstCarol to you. And I recruited those cats for my side. They came cheap, they'll do anything for a little Mexican catnip.

    (pssst, hey everyone come on over to, it's just like high school except blogging is funner, and of course, if you don't hurry the animals in your home will turn on you and wreck havoc with your puter, seriously...)

  2. I need followers and I need them now. Please follow before @TheFirstCarol signs on more. She's one ahead.

  3. I have a nice sized dog kennel in my barn if you'd like me to send it. You could keep either the cats or the computer in it.

    I like how Schooner is hiding his guilty little face.

  4. BTW, isn't it cheating to have one individual listed twice as a follower? Just curious..... :)

  5. I am following both Melanie Sherman AND Pearlof Carol. Hmm...did I just cancel out my votes? And no selling off the kitties I love your stories about them!

  6. how could you possibly stay mad at a face like that? sooooooo cute :)

  7. gosh dale you are such a tattletale

  8. gosh dale you are such a tattletale

    ps love the pirate mouse pad, cuz.

  9. First I'd like to thank Regina and the lovely kk for becoming followers. I'm up to thirteen now.

    Next, I'd like to comment on Dale's question, is it cheating to have one individual listed twice as a follower. In the interest of being fair, all personalities should be able to follow. I'm trying to recruit Sybil right now.

    Ax, you are welcome to follow the villainous renegade, @TheFirstCarol and me at the same time. We both appreciate it. Just leave me one more comment than you do her, okay?

    Single Dating Mommy, Hobiecat and Schooner have found ways to LOOK innocent; however, there was no one else in the house last night besides the three of us. Whom do you think ate the wallpaper in my dining room?

    Karen, Dale IS a tattletale. Perhaps Carol won't notice.

    Anonymous, Aaaarrrr, I love me Jolly Roger mouse pad. I know where I could get a Jolly Roger mouse, too, but I hesitate to spend me spoils.

  10. I LOVE the photo. I lost the #4 key to my 'puter in the exact same way. My little @BundleCat yanked it off. I jammed it back on, but it does not work well at all. Need to take it to the Apple store now. Ugh!

    Now I try to remember to close the lid whenever I'm not working on it. But I don't always succeed.


  11. Oh sure, Carri, they have the "innocent" look down. But, I'm pretty sure they made a purchase on ebay.

  12. One good thing about having little dogs is that they can't jump up on the desk and eat my keyboard keys. They can however decide my Crocs look like chew toys.

  13. Ax, If you want a list of what little dogs can do, go to "Karen" (above) and click on her icon. You'll be surprised what they can destroy.

  14. I like your idea of Harley having a couple of cats with whom to play. I will be shipping him USPS Media Mail (cheapest way) NON-FRAGILE to your PO BOX so be on the lookout. So far he hasn't touched my laptop, but I wouldn't leave out: trash cans, bathroom trash cans and "feminine trash", birthday candles, library books, wooden alphabet blocks, small plastic Dora dolls (she's special now - only 1 foot), stuffed animals, rocks, Wendy's hamburgers like for minute on the dining room table while you answer the door, or ravioli cans. Love, K.

  15. Okay, Ax, there you have it. But it is only part of the list. Go to

  16. Now if we are talking twitter, you'll get another one. :)

  17. I was laughing sooooo hard reading this. Sorry. I know it is a serious problem, but I can't help it.

    I've been there.

    Actually, my missing key was even worse for a writer than your two. My kitten pulled the A key off of my laptop. She didn't just pull it off once, either. She pulled the same key off so many times that it would not go back on.

    The little rubber thingy beneath the key was still there, and I could continue to type the A as long as the rubber thingy stayed in place. But with it being pushed by a finger and not held in place by the key, it quickly wore out and fell off.

    Then I had to smack the empty space really hard. It usually took a few tries (somewhere in the range of 7 to 23), but it would eventually produce an A. Or 16.

    Needless to say, I couldn't handle that for long. I bought a new laptop. And the kitten gets much more regular claw trimmings. And she gets chased with a squirt bottle full of water if she goes near the laptop.

    Hope you get your 2 and 3 sorted out.

  18. If I have to buy a new laptop because of the cat keys, I'm changing my will. They'll get nothing. Nothing.

    As it is, Schooner steals my credit card out of my purse. Three times, he has done this. I really do suspect he is making purchases on


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