Friday, October 23, 2009

En Garde Me 'earties, Engage.

Have you ever cringed when you had to do research? In school did you want to weep when you had to spend hours online or in the library researching a report? I remember when the instructor mentioned bibliography my heart would mourn the loss of free time, and my eyes would cross. Bibliography always meant multiple source research.

It is different when you are writing. Research is engaging. Research can extend your own imagination and envelopes your writing with short flicks of knowledge interspersed with conversation and expose. Research can advance your story as you thrust your protagonist toward the opposition, and beat toward the climax, finally dropping into retreat. It is not for the feint of heart.

When fellow writer, Peggy, told me she wanted to do some research at the local fencing school, I lunged at the opportunity. We are lucky, because David Cogley, in Camas, is an impressive instructor: agile, affable, dangerous. We watched the beginning and intermediate class, and after, David stayed late, bringing out a bag filled with weapons.
There is something intriguing about a gentleman with a satchel of foils, Épées and sabres. I can't really put my finger on it. I cannot wait for our private lesson. I love research.


  1. Ok I'll remember to stay on Peggy's good side. She can fight with two swords!!!

  2. I knooooow. When Peggy shed all that hair, she shed that look of innocence, didn't she?

  3. Thanks a lot Melanie! Don't you know you're supposed to get written consent before publishing pics on a blog...

  4. Okay, just kidding. Did I get your heart pounding, though? (evil snicker)
    I liked the post and put the link (our blog links) in Master Cogley's email too, just so you know. (;

  5. Peggy, I guess I should always get permission from someone holding two foils.

    Also, I struggled to get all those fencing terms into the blog...engage, extend, advance, retreat, recover, thrust, conversation, beat, feint. If Master Cogley reads this, I hope I get extra credit.


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